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Mike Stewart can help you reach your real estate goals when selling a suite at 1082 Seymour Street. Mike has helped many of satisfied clients sell their properties at 1082 Seymour Street and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

Real Estate Marketing Plan for 1082 Seymour Street

When selling properties in Vancouver, perception is reality.

The key to selling properties in Vancouver for the highest possible price is to ensure they are clean and prepared for market, look good in the photos and video, priced correctly and are easy to show by a professional and skilled Realtor.

By choosing Mike Stewart you will get this. Please see my Testimonials get a clear picture of my sales results.

Suite Preparation

– Creating the perception of a clean, well maintained, ready to move into property is critical to selling a property for the highest sale price in the shortest possible time.

As part of a Listing of the property, I can advise on the basic requirements to get the property to up to the minimum standards needed for the Vancouver real estate market.


Included in the Listing Commission

Professional Photography

– Professional photography is the critical first impression to communicate to a prospective buyer the virtues and value of a property. Good photography creates that all important first impression to motivate a prospective buyer to want to see the property. All properties I list are photographed by a full-time professional photographer.


Included in the Listing Commission.

Full Motion Video

If they say a picture tells a thousand words, then how many words does a video convey?

1310 West 33rd Avenue from Mike Stewart on Vimeo.

Video is an important component of marketing property to convey a level of detail not possible with still photography and to create further opportunities for prospective buyers to know about the listing. Video of my listings allows me to leverage several video hosting sites to ensure my listings show up high in Search Engine results.


Included in the Listing Commission

Open Houses

My team and I conduct open houses every weekend, Saturday and Sunday for all my listings (were allowed) until we get a subject free contract of purchase and sale on the property. Open houses give us an opportunity to advertise your property weekly as well as giving buyers a low-stress, low-pressure opportunity to view the properties.


Included in the Listing Commission

Buyers My Team is Presently Working With

My team of dedicated Buyers Agents and I are always working with qualified buyers and may have buyers interested in your property.

Cost: Included in the Listing Commission

Targeted “Just Listed” Postcards

For all of our listings, we send out up to 2000 branded double sided colour postcards to all the suites in the building as well as surrounding buildings to ensure that prospective buyers are aware of the listing when it goes on sale.


Included in the Listing Commission

Submission to,, and Craigslist

All of our listings are submitted to these sites and we leverage our superior photography, video, and description of our listings to get maximum online exposure. Here’s an example of some of our marketing on Craigslist.

Cost: Included in the Listing Commission

Posting on

A top-ranked Vancouver Real Estate Marketing Site. My listings are featured prominently on my sites homepage and benefit dramatically from this traffic.

Please have a look at the Vancouver Listings I am presently marketing on behalf of my clients.

Cost: Included in the Listing Commission

Results in Vancouver

Since 2007, I have been a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Medallion Club, which recognizes the top 10% of Realtors in greater Vancouver. Within that group, I am consistently in the top 30% of Medallion Club Members due to my sales successes in Vancouver.

General FAQ

What sort of timeline should I be aware of when selling a property?

1) Date of acceptance.

This is when the buyer and seller agree to a price and conditions. Most offers are conditional, meaning the buyers agree to buy if they are satisfied with the condition of the home, the documentation associated with the home, and any other conditions in the contract. The buyer is usually given a week to satisfy their conditions, but this can vary depending on the deal.

2) Subject Removal Date

The end of the conditional period when the buyer removes the conditions from their offer is referred to as the Subject Removal Date (conditions are often referred to as subjects). This is the next important date for a real estate transaction. By removing the conditions the buyer agrees to pay the purchase price on the Completion Date unconditionally. It is the buyers responsibility to get a building inspection, inspect the home’s documentation, finalize their financing, and fulfill any other conditions before the Subject Removal Date. If the buyer does not fulfill these conditions or remove the subjects the deal will collapse.

3) Completion Date

This is the date when the buyer pays the purchase price and becomes the registered owner of the property. It is also the date when the seller receives the purchase price and gives up ownership of the property. The buyer does not move in on the completion date.

4) Possession Date

Move-in day starts at 12 noon on the Possession Date. The sellers must have all of their possessions moved out of the home at this time.

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